Bits and pieces of my life
Devotional thoughts on CHANGES
Here she stands,my mother for forty years.As I look at her, I sense that someone has wound the clock.Years have become increments.History has a beginning and an end.Then Mother's arms wrap me in warmth,and I am home.A thirteen- year -old child reassured by her mother's touch.There is no time in touch.I hear the tea kettle whistling. Mother's chocolate chip cookies pull me back into timelessness. Our laughter drowns out the clock.There is no time in laughter.For a moment i forget the ticking clocks.I am held together by the things that do not change-a mother's early morning welcome, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, an ironstone plate and laughter.I see tonight in my mother's face the strange paradox of time and timelessness.A rare glimpse of the divine.
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