Bits and pieces of my life
my studies, my future
I've realized the importance of education when i was in year 5. I can't deny the fact that i've realised its importance too late. It was after i saw my twin sister scoring in her exams that i've eversince been practicing the real technique of studying. My mother had always reminded me of what  a persons future would be with and without proper education.My mother had also  reminded me that my studies determined  who i would be in the future. I have  always dreamed of becoming a lecturer based on what subject i majored most. Then,i started mastering a few subjects and that had pushed me to study harder and harder.Eventually,i would get a higher position in the class.But, i think i have saved the best for the last..and that is of the power of prayer.God answers our prayer if we are righteous in His sight.Our prayer must also be of faith.While we pray,we must know that we have received what we asked for.God is a faithful God. Thus,i should  not doubt of whether i would received what i've asked for God have never forsaken those who seek Him.I most acknowledge The Almighty for all the abundant blessings Have poured  on me.I offer Him all the sweetest gratitudes for He is the Greatest Father ever known.
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