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My signature :)

Wondering how i made such a cute signature,well it's simple,just follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, you've gotta make sure that you have Photoscape (you can download this online at
  • Secondly,I recommend you to visit in order to choose your fav icon.Like what i've chose is a rainbow.
  • Thirdly,once u've made up ur mind on which icon u would like to insert beside ur signature,go to ur downloaded Photoscape, and click 'Screen capture'.Then, make a box around your fav icon and automatically the image will appear on ur photoscape.
  • Once done with step 3,minimize ur photoscape and go to Google images and search and save a white(plain background).
  • Enlarge your photoscape in which u last paused on ur fav icon which had automatically appeared on ur photoscape and save the capture of ur fav icon into any of ur preferred files.
  • Once done with saving the white/plain background and ur fav icon,click 'combine' (on the top menu bar)
  • Then click on the files u have saved ur fav icon and the plain white background,drag and drop them into the blank field.(they will be automatically combined)
  • Once done with step 7,u can add some text into it.Once satisfied u will see what ur desired signature look like,now, Save it into any of ur files.
  • Go to and upload ur signature which u have just saved.Once ur signature image is uploaded, click on it again and copy it's URL.
  • Then,go to, paste ur uploaded signature's URL in the blank field given and then click Generate.Then u will see the HTML code for ur signature.Copy it.
  • Lastly, go to ur blogger Settings and click Post and Comments. Then u'll see Post Template.Below it, click 'Add' and paste the copied HTML code into the blank field provided.Save settings and ur done! 
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