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The shocking truth behind the 'peace' sign

Hmmm, I was wondering about what's behind this sign. My mother used to advise me on not to do such sign because it's a bad sign.I didn't really believe my mom because to me, that sign didn't mean anything except for 'peace'.Every time when there's any photo capturing session or whatever, my friends would do that sign and i seeing them do that, would think twice-whether to do that sign or not to.But eventually i would just decide to do it.Things concerning this sign then begun to bother me..and i would ponder about it.Pondering and figuring out what's behind that sign drew much of my attention and curiosity.Then one day,I decided to search the web for the truth behind the 'peace' sign.Then i saw this video
and to my shock..I was like oh my goodness,mom was telling the truth.It's a bad sign. Referring to the video i've just viewed, i've learnt that the 'peace' sign which looks like a 'v', stands for venus (the greek goddess),besides that, this sign is a.k.a Isis (egyptian god),moreover a.k.a lucifer (satan). According to Winston Churchill,he said that this sign represents the horned goat satan.This on the other hand represents pan.Click the video link for more info if you are curious like me.After knowing about the shocking truth behind this sign....never again will i want to do it.Thanks to my curiosity.

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