Bits and pieces of my life
Welcome December a.k.a My fav month of the year fav month of the year has finally come.Well to welcome this seasonal month, i would say "Welcome,my fav month of the year".Although the month of December is the last month of the year and just after this very month is a whole new year to begin-and, back to school..sigh,but wait till you enjoy the most enjoyable season of the year-25th of December.Just 24 more days to go and i just can't wait cuz this 'll be the time where families get to gather. Hmm..i think i've saved the best for the last-that is, this season is all about Jesus, our Saviour who had came into this world in a human form,born of the Virgin Mary, grew up and preached the Word of God to the prophets. Lord Jesus, You have shown us the way to everlasting life.Thus, this very day called Christmas, is all dedicated to in remembering,praising and worshiping You.Praise be to You, Lord Jesus.

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