Bits and pieces of my life
Beyond anything else

"Beyond time, He spoke and created all things 
Beyond music, He made all the morning stars sing
Beyond mercy, He called Abram out from his home
Beyond wonder, He gave him a son of his own
Beyond signs, He made Egypt set Israel free
Beyond mighty, He reached out and parted the sea
Beyond sovereign, He called out a people to save
Beyond faithful, He restored them each time they strayed
Beyond grace, when we were yet sinners He gave
Beyond lowly, His only SON, born in a cave
Beyond humble, He cast off His Godly array
Beyond sorrow, He watched as we turned Him away
Beyond love, He went to the cross for my sin
Beyond power, He conquered death and rose again
Beyond pain, beyond suffering, death, and the grave
He reached out to touch me; He came to save."

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