Bits and pieces of my life
Today,was the day..
Today was the day, i didn't wish for.Things had really gone bad for me.The story started of since i became a the class assistant for the class monitor.At first i thought only the class monitor handles all the agendas and that makes me to just laze around and mind my own business.By thinking so, perhaps i took my responsibility as an assistant, for granted.Later then, i was given a buku kawalan kelas.I had to bring it to school everyday and fill it up without fail and at the end of school, i had to pass it to my class teacher.Vigorously i would search for that book when it went missing (because if it went missing,i would be fined RM5)and filled it up before the teacher could enter the class and then rush back to the teacher's room to hand over that freaking book before the school bus come honking at the bus stop .Initially,i carried out my responsibility very well.But then,as days past,i began to tire from carrying out my responsibility.To me, handling the buku kawalan kelas was a tiresome thing, but in others' point of view,it seemed to be an easy thing.Sometimes i would forget to bring that book,sometimes forget to put it on the teacher's table and forget to fill it up.
My class teacher who has been observing all this,blew up today.Fortunately,i was absent from school on this very day (or i would have to bear all the shame upon me).He scolded the rest and pointed out each of their  mistakes.Then he came to the part in where i lacked my responsibility.I was then dismissed of the title i bore all this while as a class assistant.To me it was something really humiliating, embarrassing and doleful. By the way,the new assistant is a boy, by the name of Muhd.Nurhamizi b Isa.

he was all like this....

while i was all like this...

And yeah, that's all, end of story,the rest of my story are all associated with the deep feelings of mine which is very hard to be expressed in words.

~end of story~
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