Bits and pieces of my life
Morning meditation
(Thoughts to calm the soul) 

Soft as a footstep on pine-needle path ;
soft as the brush of a cool summer breeze ;
soft as the bubbles in baby's warm bath ;
soft as a light snow on evergreen trees ;
warm as the gaze of tenderest love,
so does His gentleness solace the lost.
Free as an eagle, soaring above;
so does His Love lift the spirit aloft.

In the glory of sunrise, the hush of the dawn,
I wait in first-light, like a just waking fawn,
mild and expectant, in the mist and the dew,
waiting, Lord, waiting - waiting for You.

Bright as a blossom in meadows of Spring ;
sweet as the scent of the lily, so white ;
swift as the flutter of hummingbird wing ;
sure as the roll of the sun to its height ;
strong as the rush of the wind, when it comes,
sweeping the clouds away with the morn,
with the Power of Light, and thunder's stern drums,
and trumpeting Angels, sounding the horn !

So does the Presence awaken the soul.
So does His Love quicken the heart.
So are we summoned to a Heavenly role,
by the Holy Spirit and Heavenly Art.

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