Bits and pieces of my life
Trees miss people too

I know this as true
for this year
I have not been
able to be with one
we planted just outside
our small cottage,
I have not been
able to stand close
to touch it
smile at it
feel its leaves
or remove
the extra twigs
that grow
just like that
because I was ill
and on bedrest
-Only a few flowers bloomed
perhaps to tell me
that it is there
for me
no more blossoms
have appeared
-I know they are waiting
for me
to climb the stairs
step on the terrace
and console them
to speak to comfort
and smile
I have missed the
communication with Nature
as Nature seems to have missed
O'Dear People ' See
The Truth in Trees Flowers
Rain Clouds and Birds
Who holds their wings
as they fly high
with the unseen breeze
and then with a
Message return to
The Trees
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