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well,it has been quite some time already since the last i updated my blog posts.
I have been busy lately.With the Mid-term examination around the corner,i hardly had enough time to even rest my mind,even for a second!.Whew! all that stressing moments in my life is all finally gone! but sadly,it's not forever.Then, right after the exam was the Mid-year school holiday which basically lasted for two weeks.The holiday was more than enough for me to enjoy myself.I was really longing to be back at school,because i actually miss those stressing moments in my life!.So,yeah now i am back at school and the exam results are out.At first,i was frantic of my no. in the class,i was no. 4. I was really desperate to go one step higher that is,no.3 because i always wanted to maintain getting first,second or third in the class.Competition is getting way too intense as days are passing by,and i don't know if i am going to be able to stand all these unending stress in life.Then,the moment of truth..
by God's most wonderful Grace,i scored straight A's! Thank You so much,dear God! I just feel like giving You an infinity amount of kisses and hugs!

So...these are the results;

BM    : 80% A  (*whew!)
ENG  :87%  A  (*the highest score! praise God!)
MT     : 88% A
SC     : 93% A  (*By the grace of God, i've been scoring 90+ in SC all the time)
SEJ     : 92% A  (thank God!)
GEO  : 85% A  (hmmmm..)
KHB    : 88% A  (thank God!)

here...take a look at this! amazing....thank God!

~The end~
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