Bits and pieces of my life
From Dawn Till Dusk ~by me

Early the next morning,while dawn was just breaking,i had set foot in my garden of posies. The early birds flew all around whilst chirping; that marked the beginning of a new day. Rolling my eyes i tried to figure out what to do next. Then i thought it would be really pleasant to just sit outside and enjoy the serene scene of the rising Sun. Outside, i breathed the cool air and shuddered a little in the thick mist. I grinned as i glanced at the fresh dewdrops on the leafs of my posies. Seeing the petals of my posies blooming radiantly while being surrounded by the elements of nature in my garden, I smiled wider and felt that my spirit was being lifted aloft ; I was in a state of elated bliss. As the Sun shone brighter in the sky, I could see shades of light as i sat on my garden trellis where the tendrils of wildflowers clung on to. All i could have in mind was the Creativity of my Creator who had put things together in a right and harmonized manner. Deeper and deeper i  pondered, as i enjoyed the panoramic view from the hill-top in which my shelter was located on. No sooner i was in a daze and subsequently, I fell asleep. In the twilight of dusk, was then i woke up from my cat-sleep and realized the ensuing darkness ahead. Afraid of the night and of its darkness that would later befall, I was once more indoors, behind closed doors.
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