Bits and pieces of my life
Oh me oh my....

wekkkk..... it was really devastating for me to hear that the second-term examination is just around the's in two weeks time. I panicked the moment i heard that from my History teacher. It wouldn't be a problem for me to revise the chapters in two weeks, but the sickening problem is that the teachers would inform the students only on the last minute about the chapters that are gonna come out in exam. The worst part is, they expect the best out of us all. Now leaving that matter aside, i would like to consider myself too. I am really attached to my lappy and i just can't resist or deter myself from using it. I feel that i am totally deprived of FUN when lappy is away. I have tried to pretend as if reading and studying is fun, and have persuaded myself to study no matter what by dreaming of the 'better' future ahead me if i put much effort in studying. However, it's not..studying isn't a fun thing at all. But despite this negative feeling i have about studying, i will still continue to persuade myself,you know,even despite peer pressure. Somehow, somewhat i feel lappy is gonna hinder me from achieving my goal and that i must get rid of my attachment to lappy. Sometimes i even feel that lappy shouldn't have even come into my life. Arrghh..back to studies.Till then,bye lappy..i am not gonna touch you until my exams are over.
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