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Stop racism!

Racism is all around in this world..*sigh. I ...well considering myself as an Indian (with slight dark skin color),i have faced and witnessed discrimination myself. The reason i brought about this matter is because i recently saw this 'racism thingy' happen in front of my eyes and that evoked anger and sadness in me. Nurnida,my best friend was sitting beside me when this Chinese girl,Jing pin whom i really abhor from the very beginning ,came to our place and begun bothering and pestering Nida. That was a common thing,though,so i wouldn't poke my nose in. Then, she uttered, "walaupun kamu hitam saya boleh nampak blush kamu". The moment i heard those, anger was stirred up within me. My friend Nida is not black,she had a skin color similar to mine and the majority in the class. Then i thought even the Negroids aren't supposed to be called 'blacks' because they're simply dark brown in color and not pure black. Then i took my horse-tail and told Jing Pin,"This is black",hence pointing my index finger towards Nida's skin i continued,"Not that".Then i continued again asking, "Are you color-blinded or are you simply a racist,Jing pin?". The Chinese girl was silent and remained silent. I comforted Nida as she was bullied by Jing Pin,as always. At the end of the day,i was sad,but satisfied of what i have told Jing Pin.
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