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AEON Rawang!
 Ever-since the completion of the building, i've been ever longing to visit the one and only Jusco in Rawang. And as months after months passed by, I  finally got the opportunity to visit it. I was super happy as i've never been there before and in addition, my friends have visited there and gave their point of view; it was superific!. Thus, i thought it'll be fun afterall, it's not like i've never been to malls before but this Jusco in Rawang is said to be interesting in a way - although i don't know in what way it is distinct from the other malls. Today, apparently has been the day my mother planned to take us out. I was pretty excited because i've never been out anywhere during the Raya holidays and this was my time to venture outside. In a way, i did see this mall to be an interesting spot because no any other spots in Rawang has a variety of western clothing and food outlets in it. I immediately fell in love with few of the women's clothing the mannequins wore. It was all loose and so beautiful- i was in some sort of ecstasy  i guess. I couldn't stop thinkin' about it- really. We basically walked around the mall and ended up buying a bunch of stationery(this statement is especially regarded to me- it was a mundane thing to me). Later in the afternoon, we were all lethargic and wanted cold beverages to quench our thirst and sort of revive our energy. Deborah (my twin sister) and I shared a multi-layered beverage with ice-cream topping which literally cost around 9 bucks. The beverage(i forgot what it's called) was superb. It was awesome too, in a way because it filled the both of our stomachs. While my twin sis and i enjoyed the beverage, my younger sis and mother went to some other stalls around the vicinity to get themselves sushi-es. Then it was nearly 5 in the evening, we then walked ourselves to the bus-stop and took a bus to the Rawang train station and subsequently hopped in a cab to make our way back home. It was an eventful day, and what i can conclude is that Jusco Rawang is superific indeed.

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