Bits and pieces of my life

Yeah...finally! EXAM is OVER!!! if u're wondering why am i so excited about that.. perhaps u should know what a stressing life and a hectic schedule an enthusiastic student has . I was on hiatus mood  that i could not even celebrate my birthday . Regardless to that, my dear mother somehow made my big day a special day . The 'thing' that is keeping me anxious and sad is that i had to accept the fact that there is no way i am gonna score straight A's this time . On that day when i sat for BM paper, my mind was totally blank and i could focus no more due to visual stress and anxiety. The factor that had most likely contributed to this 'misbehave' of my mind was ;
1) i did not bring my watch. (I thought time is running up and gradually lost focus)
2) i was simply weak in Bahasa Malaysia.(huhu..)

On the next day, i sat for my Math paper..and this time i don't feel sad for myself as i did not really perform well..i feel like a total barnacle head!! ..why? Because i actually understood the questions and could answer it correctly..but unfortunately, i don't know what blinded my eye for not seeing the wrong answers i wrote..arrgghhhh!!!!  It was all after i handed over my paper did i then realized my silly mistakes. Then in my mind i was all like 'Crap!', 'This is nuts!' and 'How stupid can i be?' but at the end of the day, i was all like , at least i tried my best..*sigh. But conversely,i am happy and pretty excited about the other papers because it was all as easy as ABC. I even had a thought that i could somehow manage to score 100% for Sejarah and the rest perhaps 90% above. At the end of the day, i was quite satisfied with my performance in this exam but not pleased with my Math and BM paper. Results are out next week and i can't wait for it, though i know it will be a lil' dissatisfying but nahh..everyone has a chance to improve or do better next time, and so do i !
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