Bits and pieces of my life
The time i ...

.. deliberately pondered about my future  . Well, it all started when i briefly visited a pet store. I saw the animals there and really had a diligent thought of buying at least two cats and one dog. Then i saw the price sticker next to each animal and thought, " I certainly can't afford that, can i?". Then no sooner, i realized my imaginations went so beyond that one can't assure himself that it'll all come true or not. I wouldn't say my imaginations went wild or beyond comprehension because that'll be a little too exaggerating and it was not true after-all. My imaginations in a way had limit and had logical sense associated with it. Ergo, thinking of a better future, my mind was by no means troubled about the sequence of events in my daily, ordinary life. Instead, i was in a reverie; i had a pleasant daydream of my future ahead. To make a long story short, i daydreamed particularly on the career i am to pursue, and that i'll become rich and dignified and consequently owning a dream house and a luxurious car of my own. That'll be totally awesome, indeed. I could dream of this all day, but the cold world outside there needs me (for some reasons), so i got back to myself and walked my path home. Now this could be said a little exaggerating but, who cares? this is a part of the excitement you get while writing something, -duh. Seriously,it all started from the adorable animals at the pet store ? hahax..

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