Bits and pieces of my life
A great day?
      My class was informed of the "Pertandingan Keselamatan Jalan Raya" thingy   about a day ago. This 'competition' is comprised annually for some chosen Primary schools as well as Secondary schools, each pair of schools representing a province. My school, SMK Selayang Bharu and the neighboring primary school, SK Selayang Bharu (1) were the two schools representing the Gombak province.The competition was open to any students from the first, second and third class namely KRK,Mumtaz&Qudus. Many were all out to take part in the competition because the certificate we did won if we performed well was a state level certificate and amongst the many who joined was me myself. We handed in our names, and the next thing we knew was, we're gonna be class bunkers..haha we did skip lots and lots of lessons but as for the piles of homework, gosh! don't wanna even think about it. Subsequently, the teacher in charge gathered us and told us we had to sit for a test, a theory test. We had to read our parents' driving lesson books and all this sort of stuffs. Then today was the day we had to sit for the theory test. At first,I wasn't that ready nor serious about this competition, but than as i sat and pondered and contemplated a lil' longer, i realized i should grab this golden opportunity as i recalled what the teacher had said about the benefits of joining this competition. Among the benefits i gained if i were to join this competition was, i get an 'A' for my co-curriculum and that i get a state level certificate no matter what. The exciting part of this competition is that you travel quite far to the place where the competition is held. Back to the theory test part, the questions didn't really meet my expectations, sadly. It was kind of challenging, though. To make a long story short of what happened later this day, i passed the test. At the meantime, My twin sister, Joyce had to sit for the test a second time because her marks didn't reach the qualification requirements. After sitting for the test a second time, she did pass after all and i was really happy for her because i may not be able to stand on my own foot in a competition i never competed in before.
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