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It's simply interest
 I gave my blog a whole new splashin' look. It does look awesome to me...nonetheless it may look ugly to some people though..but why bother?it's my blog,my rules,my design. That's the freedom everyone has upon creating  a website or a blog of their own. To me,the best part of having a blog is not about revealing your personal life in it like how everyone else would's about DESIGNING it with notions that knows no limit,literally. Thereby, here goes the history of how i first made myself known to blogger. I first started planting the 'seed of having the interest to design' in me when i visited a blog of one of my classmates. I was aspired to create one after seeing how she was able to design it,etc. So the next thing i knew was, i was 24 hours in the internet, designing my blog to the max. I found myself rather interested in this thing called 'designing a blog'.To me it was all about coming up with new ideas and inspiration by visiting other people's blog. This new interest just got the whole of me. I gradually found myself updating my blog's design almost everytime,anytime. And each time i updated it, i often felt contended with the new design. However very often too i am dissatisfied with my blog's design. Thus, i go blogwalking to see what new ideas and inspiration i can get from people's blogs. Moreover, i frequently fiddle or in other words, experiment with the HTML codes to see if the results manifested satisfaction or was simply proved futile. So yeah, that's about it. By the way, the header of my blog which says 'The odyssey of my journey to success' is mainly inspired by the fact that i am assured that one day i am gonna make my way all the way to the peak of success, all by the grace of God. So till then i express my rambling thoughts and new experience here, at this very blog of mine.
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