Bits and pieces of my life
A hasty day?

 An eventful day? enjoyable day? nah..a carefree day?..totally not..a..a hasty day perhaps?  ..i dunno. My class had a some sort of thing they call 'jamuan kelas', at  Brem Mall, Kepong yesterday. We have it annually
and almost every student from my class would turn up because it was kind of fun and considering it is almost the 1 and a 1/2 months of school holidays is about to begin..we would totally miss all the fun we had with our classmates. So yeah, as i expected, 15 out of 19 chingus and my class teacher turned up.
Then after we had our lunch at Marry class teacher bought a chicken combo and yada yada yada...Soon after that we went to the cinema to watch Paranormal Activity #4. Now those mentioned above may have sounded fun but not until you read what actually went about.

 I'll start with the time i departed from my house. We were on time at the Rawang train station and hopped in the ladies' coach. The train subsequently departed but not even a mere two stations it passed, the train reversed back to the Rawang train station. I was baffled. I somehow knew the train we tentatively experiencing some technical problems and that we had to hop in another train at the second platform. True enough, that was what the loudspeaker announced.

  We then reached the Kepong Central train station and the next thing i knew was that ..we were confused about our whereabouts. Just then, an old malay couple and their grandchild were there, and my mother happened to ask them for directions. Ergo, they directed us to the respective area in where we were supposed to look for cabs to Brem Mall. We hopped in a cab and was on our way to Brem Mall when we were caught in a massive jam.

  After the hectic journey there, we finally made it to Brem Mall. That visit of ours to Brem Mall was particularly our first visit. I then used my mother's hand phone to contact a classmate of ours,Zuna. She happened to be there earlier than us. Zuna came to meet us and that was when i started to feel awkward of my mother tagging along. I later grew really embarrassed about that. My mother left us to be with our friends at Marry Brown and made sure Zuna's phone was on so that she could contact us anytime. I was totally darned to not own a phone..sigh.

  We waited at MB with the other 4 classmates for the arrival of the other chingus. One by one arrived and apparently this guy by the name of Abishua, my classmate sat on my right. I regard him as mysterious because i have no interest for him but i dunno why am i shy with him and he's also shy with me. Two years i have been in a class with him..and two years i have NEVER talked to him..not even once.So yeah, i was feeling really, really awkward.I then excused myself to the washroom only to have myself seated next to my sister and not anyone else. We captured pictures together and stuffs like that..and later my class teacher left.

Pause for a moment ..

  After that we headed for the cinema. I was pretty excited over the fact that i am gonna watch a movie with my classmates, but it was not until my sister suddenly realized that she has to inform my mother about where we're going or she'll go really mad embarrassment. I was paying the money for my ticket that had nearly cost RM 10 while at the meantime, my sister was goin hunting for a phone with some credit to call my mother. Umm..i kind of pity her actually cause she had to make herself kind  of low to ask the guy who had a crush on her for his phone. My mother picked up the line and i saw my sister's face change. I was all like 'Dude, come on! tell me what she said..i m payin' the money already and there is no any refunds". I was starting to panic and get nervous cause i knew it'll be TOTALLY embarrassing if my mother were to come to the theater and'll all be a big scene. Very true indeed was my classmates were getting ready to enter the theater and that was when i had to deliberately procrastinate because i knew my mother was about to arrive and so i had to wait. She came after all and then i nervously told her to not worry and that i'll be safe with my friends. My classmates saw everything that had went on.Now ya see how patient i am in confronting my mother despite embarrassment..sigh.

  She finally let me go and all i was thinking embarrassing it all was..i even kept murmuring this to my sister..and she too felt it. I was pretty much depressed already. Then we entered the theater to watch the movie Paranormal activity #4. I couldn't enjoy the movie because i wanted to pee so hard. But i couldn't because no one would tag me along to the washroom. And so i controlled it all really hard while being thrilled by the movie. I found my palms to be really cold indeed.

 As soon as the movie ended..i headed straight for the washroom. I then heaved a sigh of so much of relieve...gahhhh..then as i came out of the mom and younger sis was there..umm..just then..the whole jim bang of my class exited the theater only to have seen my mother and sis at the exit. I was like.."not again man, not again". I was basically embarrassed ..really embarrassed indeed.

  Subsequently, we exited the mall and it was raining outside. Luckily, the cabs there actually stops at the stairs of the mother beckoned a passing cab and we next headed back to the train station. We got in a terminal train that would stop at an interchange but it didn't. So we had to get in another train at the other platform. It was really tiresome.

  Soon after that we reached the Rawang train station and looked high and low for a cab to take us back home. Unfortunately, there were no cabs to be found anywhere. It was nearly 8 O' clock in the night and we still couldn't find any cab. There were a few cabs there but the drivers wouldn't pick us when my mother mentioned the name of our neighborhood because first of all it's really far in and secondly there was a massive jam all over town. It all started to make sense when i realized it's nearing Deepavali, a festive season. We waited and waited and waited, we crossed the streets and there were still no any cabs in sight. Thereby, the last choice is only to hop in our father's car. Sigh..this is my life. I just wanted to enjoy and have some fun with my classmates after so many weeks of intense studying..and this is what i ended up in .

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