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Thank You Lord!


“O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever” (I Chronicles 16:34 AMP)
Gratitude is a powerful force in the life of the believer. No matter what may be happening in the world around you, you can always find something to thank God for. Having constant gratitude shows that you have faith in God because not only do you thank Him for what He has done in the past, you thank Him for what He will do in the future. It’s that kind of faith that pleases God and causes Him to move on your behalf.
Constant gratitude also shows humility because when we are thankful, we magnify God instead of magnifying our problems. It gives us proper perspective and opens the door for God’s grace, favor, and supernatural empowerment.
So what are you grateful for today? Are you grateful for the sun that shines and brings us a new day? Are you thankful for the gift of eternal life?As you choose an attitude of constant gratitude, you’ll experience His mercy and lovingkindness in greater ways. You’ll be filled with His peace and joy and be empowered to move forward into the abundant life He has prepared for you!

  It has been a long time since the last i updated my blog. Thus, i would like to begin my story from the time i was in hiatus that i couldn't update my blog. I basically couldn't do anything else but just studying the whole month. The end-of-year examination (PAT)  in which i didn't mention in any of the earlier post, was besieging me in this time of the year, as always. But this year, suppose i studied more intensely, why? because last year..something happened that i was regretting the whole following year. It was the depressing moment i personally experienced. It was the time the three fellow students in our class who were the top three in this thing they called 'kedudukan kelas' were to receive the certificate of excellence. Sigh..the worst part twin sister was among the three geniuses..sigh (again). It was really hard for me to accept because i was just a mere no.4 in the class and i had to miss the chance and wait for another year to come.

 In no time, that very year did come after all. Very fast the end of the year 2012  approached and that means PMR is soon to approach abruptly back to the PAT which was just two weeks ago,i just sacrificed my whole time to studies. I even drank coffee(which i really hated for its bitterness) to keep myself awake. In time, i found myself to be addicted to coffee..hehe and that means getting a lot of pimples on my face too. Despite my hectic schedule, i did give time for prayer too. I knew that God was my only source of strength, joy,happiness,mercy, grace, compassion and everything else that's good and cannot be described by words. I knew He is the only One i can depend on and put my trust and hope in. Besides, God has played the most major and crucial role in all my prior successes and i know He is, in my future successes.

  To be honest, i found the exam papers to be quite easy. It was direct from the Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor (JPS) in which every form 2 student all over the Selangor state would seat for. I am not sure if the exam paper seemed easy to me because i studied hard for it, or perhaps it was simply easy in all perspective. But when i asked the others about its level of toughness, they said it was tough after all  So if it was easy to me, i just give thanks to God for having gave me the strength to continue studying and to not give up despite so many hindrance, weariness, and mental fatigue i faced.

  Subsequently, exam was over and i somehow somewhat rejoiced to the fullest as i was finally of the constraints of time. But not long after that..i had to worry about the grades and even the marks i were to obtain. This time, and being in the first class is not only about getting straight A's.. the marks are to be taken into consideration too. Some students tend to be satisfied with just getting straight A's..but in my case, it's not just that,it's more than just being excellent, it is to strive to be the best of the best or in other words, the creme de la creme. It's only then the teachers would put on the pedestal upon you and knowing that by being the best of the gain a whole lot of attention and respect. It is also predominantly a major assurance to the continual of your success. Besides, success has many friends. Indeed, i realized i have many friends ever since i scored in UPSR.

* so many books to study 

So far, i've got back 4 out of 7 papers..among those papers are the Bahasa Malaysia,Science,Geography and KHB papers. So far, so good. I had even beat the class genius, Ezafiq, in KHB meaning that i've got the highest in that very subject.I also got an A for BM (which is basically not that easy for a student like me whose mother tongue language is English). As for the other three papers..i am literally  frustrated about the fact that no one knows about the whereabouts of our respective subject teachers. Nevertheless, i am gonna know my grades and marks by the end of this week because its particularly the last week of school. At this moment, i am heaving a sigh of relieve. But at the same time i am very much looking forward to do the school shopping which to me is, really exciting. I guess i'll be posting the 'slip keputusan' after all the results are keyed in.

* I had a peek on my objective mark for the sejarah paper only to find that i obtained the highest result, that is 59/60..praise God
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