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English Beauty
  The air is crisp, and clean. All around you are fields of the most vibrant green, rolling hills and the most beautiful countryside you could imagine. You feel peace, and serenity here. You travel twenty minutes down a small, winding road and arrive in the most beautiful city on Earth. As you cross the London Bridge, you see the Eye of London, the worlds largest Ferris wheel, and Big Ben at the Tower of London. The architecture is amazing, and even the trees have a different kind of beauty. There is no doubt that the beauty and liveliness of this city makes it a perfect place to live.If I could pick one place to live for the rest of my life and be totally content, I would pick the countryside just outside of London. I have never visited a more peaceful place. The scenery is beautiful and although it rains quite often, even the rain has a different type of beauty. While visiting London, I stayed in a small house with an older man and woman. I was at the park meeting some of the locals when a rain shower came out of nowhere. It was the most beautiful rain I had ever seen. As I looked out over the hills, and into the grassy fields, the rain pouring, I remember just standing there in awe of how beautiful rain could actually be, and how I knew that I could be completely at ease with making this place my home.
The countryside outside of London, England is wonderful, but the city is just as breath taking. The buildings stand tall with an almost hand sculpted look. The churches are absolutely astonishing. The steeples are tall, and look as if they took years to construct and perfect. All around the city are sculptures of famous people, and things. The Tower of London dominates the skyline, along with the London Eye. The most beautiful view of the city is at the very top of the London Eye. From the top, you can look out over Thames River, and to the Tower. You can see Buckingham Palace and many, many more famous buildings and landscapes that are very pleasing to the eye....

source: studymode
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