Bits and pieces of my life

Well, i would say 2012 was a good year afterall.. it has been an enlightening journey of my success and my faith-walk in God. At the same time, there were a lot blunders I got my self through..and simply wish not to get into it again. What i had sow, i had reaped abundantly..praise God :') I've progressed so much in my studies, over the years,and simply want to Thank God so much for His never-ending love for me.

 Thank You so much Lord! God has shown me so much of mercy, mercy i never deserved as a can i ever repay all His wonderful deeds in my life?
I fail to thank Him, fail to praise Him, fail acknowledge Him's only when my exams are nearing that i pray everyday without fail..after i obtain brilliant results in my exam, i tend to seek entertainment more than time to be spent on prayers..sigh.I ponder everyday, when I'm on bed, about how i can be such a human who's not thankful to God, seeking only entertainment and giving more priority for studies..instead of doing so for God. I am an idiot! year..i mean starting from this day henceforth, I would hereby take steps to deter my self from being so obsessed with the internet..and in turn, spend more time with God and praying the Rosary, and of course,studying too.
This photo and it's meaning is simply beautiful!

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