Bits and pieces of my life
The about me challenge

1. 10 facts about yourself, and a picture if you want.

yep,that's me alright..
  • I like being a nerd..i don't really look like a nerd though..
  • I don't like my friends who are crazy over Koreans artists ..i mean duhh -_-
  • I love helping my friends with studies, especially Maths.
  • I like to act in front of the mirror ._.
  • I like doing things the opposite way.
  • I love looking dignified and clever.
  • I wish to be multi-talented.. i am working on it already.
  • I wish to be an anorexia.. oops.
  • I always make myself dream about gruesome murders..i don't know why..
  • I have a crooked tooth.

2. Your relationship status and how you feel about it.
  • I am single and i'm lovin' it :D
3. Where you’d like to be in ten years.
  • Somewhere in northern Europe :D 
4. Your views on drugs and alcohol.
  • They're not gonna do any good..they just drain money out of your pocket.
6. How you hope your future will be like.
  • Have a good position in job
  • Be a good citizen(elsewhere)
  • If possible, get involved in politics :P
7. List your favorite songs.
  • Amazing Grace
  • Oceans will part
  • Boulevard of broken dreams
  • The climb
  • If you believe
  • The gift of a friend
  • Jar of hearts
  • How to save a life (the Fray)
  • Haven't met you yet
  • You raise me up
  • Need you now
  • What about now (Daughtry)
  • Fireflies
  • Breakaway
  • Before the throne of God above
  • In Christ alone
  • Ancient words
8. Somewhere you’d like to visit.
  • The Vatican City
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Awesome Cathedrals across Europe and South America
9. Your highs and lows of the past year.

  • I got no.4 in class, a one step higher and i could get the certificate of excellence.
  • Tripped and fell in front of my crush near the school canteen.
  • Got praises from my beloved teacher.
  • Master of History :P all year round.

10. Write a letter to your parents.

  • Dear mom, please let me do what i  want, especially when it comes to eating, let me eat what i want,in what quantity i want, and when it comes to choosing clothes, let me choose which i favor most.

11. Write a letter to your reflection in the mirror.

  • Dear mirror on the wall, make me look thinner and brighter the next i see myself in you.

12. Write a letter to someone who broke your heart.

  • Dear you who happened to break my heart, ..(actually i just one had really broke my heart before)..

13. How important you think education is.

  • Education is super important to is one of my priorities in life, education determines your future ya see..that's why. And i'm glad i realized it's importance at a very young age.

14. One of your favorite shows.

  • Regular show, of course!

15. What kind of person attracts you.

  • Tall, nerdy, intelligent..(apparently, there is a guy in my class who is such..) :P

16. A problem that you’ve had.

  • hmm..Bahasa Malaysia maybe.

17. Someone/something that you miss.

  • I miss nothing though..hehe

18. Someone who fascinates you and why.

  • This guy by the name of Arwin.. he jokes and the whole class starts to laugh. He is also a stalker..he stalks me, my friend Nida and my twin sister..i seriously don't know why, but yeah, i love people stalking me, to be honest.

19. Your most treasured item?

  • My school supplies and my art them all so much!

20. Something you want to do before you die.

  • Settle down somewhere in northern Europe and get a whole new better life there.

21. Something that makes your heart break.

  • When someone doesn't seem to admire my artwork.
  • When i get far behind those geniuses in my class.

22. Something you’re extremely afraid of.

  • Roaches and creepy-crawly spiders..

23. A food you’re craving right now.

  • Mom's cheesy baked lasagna..yummy!

24. What was the last dream you remember about?

  • Some Indian jerks teasing me and my twin sister at school.

25. A habit you wish you didn’t have.

  • Being lazy
  • Procrastinating

26. A dead person you’d like to talk to and why.

  • My granddad, because i could have got the chance to gather so much of information about the British colony in Malaysia..he worked with em' and it's history to me. I am proud of him.

27. Go look in the mirror. What’s the first thing you notice?

  • I am soo lookin' like a teenager!

28. What song makes you dance?

  • Move like jagger

29. Name a cartoon you loved as a little kid.

  • I am still a kid am i? Then it's Regular show on cartoon network.

30. Your ultimate feast?

  • Every dish mom cooks.

31. A super power you wish you had?

  • Telekinensis (the ability to move things with your mind)
  • Invisibility
  • The ability to read peoples minds.

32. How do you feel abut gay marriage?

  • umm, it's illegal in religious point of view..i am a pious individual, or am i?

33. what's one thing you would like to ask all your teachers?

  • The teacher's do not celebrate Children's Day while the students celebrate Teacher's Day..why is that so?

34. How do you feel about abortion?

  • Why even get married, dunderheads?

35. If you could write a book what would it be about?

  • My life memoirs
  • The importance of education
  • God, my major source of help
  • My reverence for God
  • The odyssey of my journey to success

36. Write about how your favorite book makes you feel.

  • It makes me feel fascinated and inspired at the same time

37.Write about how your favorite movie makes you feel.

  • Funny, that's all.

38. Write about how your favorite song makes you feel.

  • Breakaway's my favorite song, it inspires me :D

39. Write a letter to your future husband.

  • Dear future husband, i don't know from which country u'll come from but i'm pretty sure u'll not be a Malaysian though..hahax anyway, u must be smart, tall and a bit nerdy maybe..and rich, of course!
40. Write about what's on your mind.

  • I am feeling guilty of not studying but wasting my time here.

41. Write about your primary school.

  • Disgusting though..i did score my 5 A's in UPSR back there however.

42. Write about your dream job.

  • A Physics lecturer, maybe.

43. Write about one goal.

  • To become a living legacy to my family members, especially to the younger ones to come.

44. (if your going) What degree do you want in college, and why?

  • I would rather want to get a scholarship to a known university elsewhere. About the degree i would want to have, i am not known to the "university   world" yet ya see, but as a teenager with big dreams, i would want a degree in Computer Science and graphic designing.

45. Write about your favorite color and how it makes you feel.

  • Black's my favorite color, or maybe grey..they make me feel umm..nothing but i am just plain attracted to those two colors.

46. List the things that make you happy

  • Getting straight A's in all my tests
  • Score the highest in at least two subjects
  • Accomplish my daily duty on giving thanks to God
  • My artwork's a success
  • When my HTML codings go perfectly

47. Write about your favorite animal and why it's your favorite

  • Cat's are my favorite, although at times they can be the most annoying creatures..they're just simply cute to me and they definitely cheer up my mood :) 
i got the above questions from here
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