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This is it..
Love the cross!
Well, the Cross(inset) is the first thing i ever beaded.. the outcome was just as good as how it is supposed to turn out.. i pretty much loved myself at this point..hehe. Anyway, not forgetting the credits to this site for its tutorial on how to make a beaded Cross. The next Cross i bead, i am gonna use bicones instead.

Isn't it cute?!

the next thing i made was a beaded ornate with right-angle weave and single needle method. I suppose u're wondering why i couldn't have used a different colored bead for this as the bead i used for the ornate is the same as the bead i used for the Cross. Well, as you know, i am new to beading, and i bought a few different colored beads, but all of them were small beads, except for the one type of bead i happened to buy, were seed beads about 4mm each. They were multipurpose, could be used for so many bead-weaving projects. As for the small beads, if i can't get a thinner needle and a finer fishing line, it's all a waste!. The credits for the tutorial i referred to upon making the beaded ornate goes to Andrea

I am now looking forward to bead something else more complicated..perhaps the anchor..i am glad i'm already a novice in bead-weaving 

Also not forgetting to post a photo of my brand new set of stationery for next year..
i just love em' all..

The fear of knowing that i'm gonna seat for PMR next year is just getting the whole of me! Ok, gotta get my nose hooked back on books 

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