Bits and pieces of my life
a spark of inspiration..

I'm hit by a spark of write a story! Here goes my plan:

Title: Life at its best

The story summarized: Darlene endeavors to get a scholarship to pursue tertiary education in arts and design in London. She puts in a lot of effort to pass the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) examination in order to get an offer of scholarship from the Malaysian government. SPM results are then out and Darlene gets what she've been desiring for. She moves to London in a three-years scholarship. As soon as Darlene sets foot in London airport, she's swirling and singing for joy..despite having in conception about gaining the public's attention. Darlene's overjoyed. She then continues humming with such happiness displayed on her face like never before. As she's aimlessly walking, she suddenly sees a church and at that very time, the church bell is ringing. Mass had just started. She then enters the church and sits at one of the last benches ,beside an elderly couple. The elderly couple notices Darlene's a foreigner.After Mass, they ask Darlene if she's new to London and where she had come from. Darlene replies that she's new to London an that she's here in a scholarship from Malaysia.

 The elderly couple introduces themselves to Darlene. They're Mr and Mrs Tyler. Darlene then introduces herself to them. Mr and Mrs Tyler then tells Darlene that they volunteer to be foster parents to Darlene. Darlene is happier than ever to accept them as her foster parents for they seem to be really nice individuals. Her new foster parents then introduce her to their grandson, Dominic. To her surprise, Dominic attends the same college she's in, the Royal College of Arts. Dominic is a year older than Darlene. Darlene calls her mother, Cher, who is back in Malaysia, to inform her about her whereabouts. Mrs. Cher  sounds worried over the phone. Darlene tells her that she need not worry and that she had found an elderly couple who had kindly volunteered to be her foster parents. be continued

characters: Darlene(main/starring), Mr and Mrs Tyler(foster parents), Dominic(son of Mr & Mrs Tyler), Mrs.Cher(mother), Lucy(best-friend at London), Syuhada(a.k.a Syuh, best-friend at Malaysia).

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