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A new layout
  Gahh...I just love the sight of my blog's new layout. After hours of putting all sorts of HTML codes together...I click the 'preview' button while keeping my fingers crossed..and voila! I've got a whole new thing to keep me satisfied. It wasn't easy though..I don't know if I'm straining my eyes  on this too's not gonna be good cause the last an optometrist  checked my eye (which was somewhere two months ago), he said my power has shooted up from 300+ to 500++ . An so when i recently bought a new pair of spectacles, my lens  were actually really thick..much thicker compared to that of my old pair of spectacles which I bought when i was in Year 6 (approximately 3 years back) . I thought of having an eye laser treatment or sth as soon as i reach adulthood because I (think) I look horrible with spectacles or simply better without it. According to my friend whose mother had recently underwent a laser treatment for her eyesight, one's power doesn't anymore increase with laser treatment(for eyesight). When I told my mother this, she vetoed the idea almost instantly, immediately. I was certain she would do that..duh. But whatever it is, I so don't wanna wear specs in the future. That's the point. So, back to the new layout, I just wanna sincerely thank/credit the following  individuals for being such a great source of help in the making of my blog's layout;

(p/s: I should have a credit section to list the above under it..but at the moment/ currently, i can't think of a place in my blog in which i could position the credits section.)

Thank you guys so much for making my blog layout a success! image You guys are crazy awesome!
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