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Report Card day at my school...
  Today was report card day in my school. The 'Aku Janji' programme for Form 3 and Form 5 students was also held at the school hall. I wouldn't want to write much about the programme held as it was like any other quotidian  'oath taking ceremony' or sth. As much as I know, during the 'Aku Janji' programme, the school hall was cramped with  students and parents ,plus, my over-sized uniform vestimagewhich was 'hand-mended' by me just yesterday night, it's so-not-pro-stitches were loosening...i learnt my lesson, the finishing knot- is so damn vital. Oh me, look at me, I need to 'learn a lesson' from my prior acts to avoid the obvious consequences that might precede. Well, back to the point,  as soon, as the 'Majlis Aku Janji' was over, students with their parents dispersed to their respective classes to collect their report cards.. As my mother and I climbed upstairs to my class, we were cordially greeted by Abishua's mother image, Helen,who later introduced us to her husband. Mrs.Helen, I would say, is such a jovial lady, friendly, i would say, yet dignified. Her son,however, is typically shy a guy, especially when it comes to talking with girls. He is particularly shy with us, my twin-sister and I-for some reasons we ourselves don't know. The last I met Mrs. Helen was during the school's PIBG meeting. Mrs. Helen, having met us the first time was so friendly with us..she told us that she have always seen our names on the 'Anugerah Cemerlang' name list and also the school magazines. And bla bla bla she went on talking about her son, Abishua(p/s: my sis and I always call him 'AB' -but shhhh..this is only made known between us both) . Then, before leaving she said she would really love to welcome us for her son's birthday which is falling on the same month of our birthday-July that is...and yeah, that's about it. Mrs.Helen , umm..i think she really likes my sis and I..hehe. Well, i like you too, aunty..u're such a friendly lady! what a pleasure it is for me to have met you! 

  Just then, when it was our turn to see our class teacher, I was called for the 'KKG Pentaksiran' -schooling students wud know what this is. I was like, there are so many my classmates whose work are more neater and complete,and I was chosen anyhow? -nahh, not a big deal anyway, there were not much comments on my KKG anyway, all I had to do was to correct my Geography hand-drawn map..and the next thing I knew was, i was waiting like a donkey just to sign a paper. ..yada-yada-yada, things went on.. back there at my class, my class teacher was givin' good compliments about us both* Emoticons * デコメ of the same face as well..and I really thank God for the straight A's we frequently score as that had made ppl have good impressions on us both , this wonderful blessing* Emoticons * デコメ of the same face as well has also bring us more dignity and earn good reputation among the teachers as well :D the nutshell, today, was a day so eventful ! 
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