Bits and pieces of my life
Elated bliss is what I felt

  It was a 3-day-stay at one of my relative's house at Klang. The stay, I would say, was pretty much an enjoyable one. The journey there was a long one, a very long one.  So yeah, basically, I enjoyed myself there after being stuck up at home for almost 7 days of the two-week Raya holidays. The first day, was the day I enjoyed most compared to the other two days.

  My cousin brought us to Subway. We had a quick dinner, and quickly took our seats at the cinema. Earlier that day, my cousin had already bought tickets to watch Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. So after having our early dinner, we had immediate access to the cinema. The movie..was simply AMAZING! i enjoyed it to the max! After the movie ended, still in some sort of excitement..I suddenly found myself in a Padini store. My cousin then asked us to pick any clothes there..she had set a side a RM250 budget for us! so..yeah, i picked two tops similar to what my twin-sis picked and ya-da ya-da ya-da..
I felt so obliged to my cousin...for she had paid for us all for the cinema tickets, subway dinner, and Padini tops.


 The second day was an OK day..we were just at home..nothing much, but what I did enjoy was strolling around near the seaside of Port Klang.

 The next day, we departed from Klang at around 1.00 p.m. Bidding everyone goodbye and the next thing, boarding a train back..all along I was neutral actually.. because East or West, home is best..definitely! I just couldn't wait to be back home..also, my pet dog, Onyx, was back there at our home..we just couldn't wait to cuddle it.. *awww..

..oohh and by the way, here's a random pic of my sis and I;

aren't we a pair of cute twins..hehe

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