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PMR is over!
 I'm somehow sad though because..,because..well, because the long-awaited test for which I've been studying and striving hard for three finally over.. I sat for 7 subjects, Bahasa Malaysia (I truly, honestly, absolutely dreaded this), English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, and KHB(kemahiran teknikal). Maths, to be honest, it was seriously easy and so was Geography and History. English and BM was intermediate while Science and KHB contradicted my anticipation that it was easy. Since sitting for PMR is like a once in a life-time thing and calling to mind that PMR 2013 is da last (from 2014 onwards, it's PBSM), and also, I, feeling rather lucky to have sat for PMR and not PBSM, would like to recall the 4 days I sat for PMR.

PMR: Day #1

The first day of PMR, intensity was at its peak for me. One whole week I've been preparing for these papers. I'll be sitting for my BM paper, one of my worst nightmare. I did really wish I had more time to study BM..

PMR: Day #2

I'm done with BM papers and on this second day of PMR, I'll be sitting for two of my favorite papers, English and Geography. Felt 'ataraxia' at this day.

PMR: Day #3

On this day, I sat for my Science and History papers.. things went on smoothly.
I felt happier than ever as the next day would be the last day..

PMR: Day #4

The last day of PMR and I'll be sitting for my two last papers, Maths and KHB.
Free of stress, tension ,etc. after the last paper.

...and yeah that's about it. I would miss it all though..I would miss it all.. just keeping my fingers crossed..hoping for straight A's..this is what I've strifed for three years..

oh and by the way, the following are my results for the recent PMR Trial examination;

lets just hope all my effort would bear fruit. Hoping for the best, as always.

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