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Low intelligence linked to racism
Frankly, those who give in to racism and prejudice may just simply be rather unintelligent. One study suggested that those who gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies were more inclined to form and hold racist and prejudice views, because the conservative ideologies stress hierarchy and “resistance to change.” But we all know that progress just for the sake of “progress” is equally meaningless.

It may be that those who hold deeply rooted prejudice, and racist views, may actually just not know any better, or are cognitively incapable of being free from bias. Several studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between intolerance, racism, and prejudice in general, with reduced cognitive ability, and lower integrative complexity (putting different, separate, ideas together). In an analysis of two large-scale data sets, it was found that lower intelligence in childhood predicted greater racism in adulthood. A secondary analysis of a U.S. Data set, also confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on anti-homosexual prejudice. People with lower cognitive abilities were found to interact less with individuals of other races.

Although valid, this data shouldn’t imply that all racists are of low intelligence: it is likely that some are merely manipulative psychopaths. But the findings could suggest that those children of lesser intelligence are more likely to establish and hold racist, homophobic and other small-minded and prejudice views.

In one study conducted in the United States, researchers Hodson and Busseri compared 254 people with the same amount of education, but who had varying levels of ability in abstract reasoning. They found that people who were poorer at abstract reasoning were more likely to exhibit prejudice against homosexuals. It doesn’t really come as a surprise that those who are less-tolerant would fall on the slightly close-minded side, because perhaps they lack the ability to abstract or think critically about information for themselves.

Understanding the roots of racism and bias could help eliminate them (prejudice). Anti-prejudice programs encourage participants to see things from another group’s point of view, but that mental exercise may be too taxing for people of low IQ, Hodson said.

Retired American statesman Dr. Ron Paul, has stated that the libertarian movement is the enemy of all racism:
“Racism is a collectivist idea, you put people in categories, you say blacks belong here, and whites here, and women here…but we don’t see people in forms [of groups, like] gays, you don’t have rights because you are gays or women, or minorities, you have rights because you are an individual. So we see people as strictly individuals and we get these individuals in the natural way, so its the exact opposite of all collectivism and its absolutely anti-racism because we don’t see it in those terms”
Although there is a constant movement towards individuals being accepted or who they are, except to some extent from the state, there remain those whowill always hold their passionate and hateful close-minded views toward others. And maybe some will just never know any better than to operate as such. For the rest of us, we see each individual as a sovereign being deserving of equal rights. And “race” as concrete catagories is socially constructed, to cleverly distract us from recognizing the universal truth that we are all simply human: we all bleed red. Sure there are cosmetic and external differences, but we each posses the same organs and same functioning human body. We do not need to place ourselves into sealed boxes, and decide to see others as being ‘lesser’ than us because, by blind chance, we were born into a different box. Contemporary views of race continue to reject the validity of any biological basis of race, and in the early twenty–first century it is most common to view race as being constructed from societal beliefs and actions.

Source: exposing the truth

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