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 I had a blast today, a lecturer from (idk which university) was invited over to my school to lecture us on certain things.. yada yada yada he went. We all know lectures are boring, but not if your name's frequently (well sort of it) mentioned throughout the whole session. I got no.2 in the whole of form 3 in my school (i have no intention of bragging about this, don't get me wrong k, even if it seems I am attempting it :p)  , my sis was no.1 (IKR, shud have mentioned her's first ;) ). So..uh yeah, the lecturer decided to, I dunno, have some sort of 'activity' in which you would have to sort of memorize a few friend's ;
  • full name
  • mother's name
  • no. of siblings
  • targeted results for PMR
He wanted to test us on how much we can memorize at a given time of 2 minutes. IDK though, the point of having such thing. In my mind, I thought, if I were to be the chosen one to 'tampil hadapan' , I did say these words;
"Sir, I don't know much about my friends as I am an introvert, I don't usually mingle with people, even if they're my peers."
I even thought the words I would reply if I were to be questioned by the lecturer as to why I don't socialite myself with others;
" Sir, I simply find them to be not of my type, thus, I feel sort of awkward to have myself integrate with em'"

Well, it's all indeed true. Apparently, the lecturer decided to call out  those who've obtained the first, second and third place in the whole of Form 3 in my school for the recent Trial PMR. I felt so honored to come forward (*bows) .
Since then, the lecturer mentioned my name, Deb's name and Apik's name in several examples he stated (good ones of course! ;) ). And yeah..that's about it..

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