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First Holy Communion and yay!

gorgeous ...aren't we?
From left: Me, Sharon, Deborah

 Today, the 24th of November, we were more than excited to attend Mass at the Church of St.Jude. I was super-happy and simultaneously feeling uber-nervous.. drops of sweat trickled their way down both sides of my temples, wiping away part of my face-powder and blusher. I loved the grandeur moment when I, together with my two sisters and 29 other young children who were predominantly 9 years of age(6 years my junior), and the rest, aged between 10-13 years old, walked through the aisle of the church. Accompanied with the entrance hymn, and the vast number of people with warm smiles throwing their attention to us, I felt more than welcomed. We then bowed from a mere two average square tiles away from the altar and took our positions in the front benches. We joined in the entrance hymn and followed the rest of the customary procedures in an every-day Mass.

 Then, came the moment I waited for so long. I was about to partake in the Body and Blood of Christ, the Blessed Sacrament for the first time. The bread was dipped in wine and given to me to be consumed by my parish priest,  Rev. Fr. Frederick Joseph. I was in elated bliss. Everything about that moment was so Holy, so beautiful and Divine. I then returned to my seat, kneeled and prayed. An action song by us preceded Holy Communion, during thanksgiving. I felt a little awkward at that point, but that didn't at all matter. 

 Shortly after that, Mass was over and we dispersed. Lots of adults approached us to congratulate us and give us blessings. I found words insufficient to convey the gratitude that was overflowing in my heart at that moment. That too, had made today a very memorable day indeed. 

..and there was someone who had really touched my heart..

  Just then, after receiving blessings from a couple in their sixties, a short girl, approached that very couple and asked them to bless her. The girl, in her twenties, I reckon, was a little, special.. and than the man, after having blessed her offered her a few cash. She declined his offer and simply thanked him profusely for his blessing and told him the blessing is sufficient enough for her. Such a beautiful, beautiful girl. May God bless her abundantly and be with her always...

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