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Tutorial: Cute Polaroid Picture

..blarara anyway, let's get to the tutorial. Firstly, the polaroid frame. Here's a bunch of polaroid frames I got from;

right-click to save image

Open your photoshop. Open the set of polaroid frames you just downloaded and using the Crop Tool (C), crop out the polaroid frame you want. I'll be using the third(from top) polaroid frame.

Now that you've got your polaroid frame ready, open any image of your choice, a 100px by 100px image would fit in the blank space perfectly. Below is the image I'll be using;

Place the layer of your image above the layer of your polaroid frame.You can adjust the width of your image or so by clicking on the 'Move Tool (V)' and pressing Ctrl+T(transform). Pressing 'Alt', place your cursor between your image layer and your polaroid frame layer and click it. And that would result in your layers being sth like this;

notice the arrow beside the image.

The step above is to ensure your image is inside the polaroid frame, not outside of it. Once done, right-click on your image layer and select 'merge down'. By doing so, the polaroid frame and your image is now in one layer. No more two separate layers for the two of them.

Now for the effects. Double-click on your image layer and there'll be a pop-up 'layer style'. Tick on the box beside 'Inner Shadow'. Click on the word to set things. The following are my settings;

..and the result;

You're actually pretty much done in this stage, but not quite,...without a lil' 'touchup'.

Here's what I do for a lil' 'touchup'....
First, I open the flower image below into photoshop. You can google one for yourself, but here's one I found. I've cropped it and transparentized it. 

I place it on the top-right corner of my polaroid frame.

..Then, double-clicking on the flower layer, I apply drop shadow to the flower. I the repeat the same thing by doing so for the polaroid frame.
now it appears to be more realistic..

...and finally with a little bit of rotation...text,crop&transparency..

...and that's about it..
p/s: the image above is free to those who're viewing this tutorial ;)

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