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Awesome Day!

Today, the 19th of December was an auspicious day...

PMR results were out. 35 students in all had scored straight A's! That's an amazing amount...compared to the number of scorers from the previous year, which was only a mere 14..

I'm the one in purple, without a twin Deb, is on my right..
The most interesting part is sis and I, were quite renowned, talked about by many of my teachers..I mean, believe it or not! From all the bigshots of my school, the Pengetua, PK HEM, PK KOKO, PK Bahasa, to the teachers who taught not my class, but the neighbor class...they have all come to know about our plans to shift to another school..needles to say, they were all begging us to's a jaw-dropping thing to me.."am I actually quite recognized in this school of mine" thought I..well, schooling in SMK Selayang Bharu for like almost three years already, and I honestly never knew that..

Hoorah! We're among those 35 straight A's scorers!
From left: Natasya, Deborah, Me, Nurain, Zunawanis.

After receiving our PMR slips... people, and random people came forth to congratulate us..yadayadayada...

Then the mom of this bestie of mine, Nida, offered to belanja us makan in KFC!

the three of us! :D

ohhh...and the fact that today would probably be the last I would get together with my classmates and other friends.. brought reminiscences of my class picture, the only surviving pic which has all 17(18 act. one was absent that day) of us, students from 3KRK, in it..

From top-left: Uma, Mahendra, Nurain, Nurnida, Najmi, Deborah, Zunawanis, Abishua, Ezafiq.

From bottom-left: Thinesh, Navin, Nurhamizi, Khairunas, Pn. Meera, Jing Pin, Me, Nornatasya, Yu Ling.

P/S: If you're a form 3 reading this entry, be sure to leave a comment of what your results were..I'm curious..

....and that's about it..toodles for now :)

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