Bits and pieces of my life

 I did thought of transforming this boring (and nothing special) blog of mine into a comprehensive and interactive comic blog! Why wouldn't that be a cool idea! I could express my thoughts and ideas in comics in accord with my creativity...the problem is, I don't own a drawing tablet of my own yet :/ . I thought of utilizing the RM350 (promised by my school's PIBG for each PMR straight A's scorers) to buy a Wacom drawing tablet, the cheapest one I could get, be it a second-hand or whatsoever, I'm all out for it! and that means my fingers are kept crossed, hoping ardently for straight A's!

ohh and btw, here's a digital artwork of mine, done some two years ago..I did it without a drawing tablet, so, hahaks..that's why I considered this artwork of mine worthy of a repost...

 Like serious, wouldn't it be fun to have your thoughts, imaginations, etc. expressed in comics?! XD it sure is fun,folks! I relish the prospect of having a drawing tablet of my own to start drawing scraps of my thoughts and etcetra, etcetra, etcetra...

What do ya say,..good idea? Let me know in the comments! Thank You~

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