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It's been a while...'s been a while since the last I posted an entry in this blog of mine. And, what more,..this is actually the first entry I am writing in 2014. Funny much, or is it? The sort of long hiatus somehow prompted me to write an entry...taking that into account, this might just be a typical random entry..

 Speaking of the sort of long hiatus, I was pretty much kept busy by piles of homeworks, new reference books for SPM, and the poses I hold in my co-curricular activities. Glad I was placed in a science class. I've agreed to take science stream and add no more subjects, although I had, initially thought of taking ICT- Information and Communication Technology, an elective offered in Accounts classes. When I pondered and contemplated deeper on the subject, I came to a conclusion of ditching the whole idea of taking more subjects other than the electives offered in science stream. I ditched the whole idea because I literally could already feel the pressure of nine subjects pressing on me. I wouldn't want to add more to it.

 School's great, so far.. but I reckon the pressure is soon to be felt,..Gotta brace and brave myself through the currents and tidal waves of the vast ocean of life. By the pink font-color of the above sentence, I mean to emphasize on the very meaning of the sentence...and also, the fact that I, for the first time am loving a sentence of my own, hahaks!

  Also, I now have a Twitter account- an account in a micro-blogging site(just defining it..). Kind of loving this social site I just joined.. oh and not forgetting to mention, add me at;



oh, and here are a couple of my favorite tweets so far...

...and yeah, that's about it... that is all from me for now, toodles! ;)

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