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  Much sighs....first-term exam is so near and imminent, more than just 'real soon'.. Form 4 is so not gonna be easy, but what I do believe is,.. much strive+zeal+endeavour+time management+confidence=success! but you see how much is needed in the equation before it could be summed up to just a single result . Pessimists basically see success that way, thus, not being able to  get through it-ever! Optimists on the other hand, see success through rose tinted glasses and it is these people who are intellects-to-be. They see success from a whole different perspective and on a larger canvas. It is such people who contribute to the world hence moving it in a progressive direction.

   Coming back down to earth, I'm a self-claimed pessimist, but a practical optimist. I don't know why I opt to declaring myself a pessimist when I'm actually not, especially when it comes to success and anything alike. In my point of view, which is supposedly something agreed by many(nothing special here), success has long-lasting effects. It encourages us to strive more and more everyday..and to not rest on our laurels. That applies to both, successful and not successful individuals. It's just different in terms of how and what that  reminder serves to these two types of peoples. It will be a source of encouragement to progress for the former, while an advice to stir interest in the latter, and a mean of causing them to take action real soon for the good of their future.

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