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 Looking up the title of this entry, you might notice this is like the second or third time I'm writing on 'the story I plan on writing'...

 The truth is, the sad truth is, I've never really progressed in this something I endeavoured on so much (sobs) ..I don't know why, but for some reasons, I think it's because I'm being a little too pedantic about my language. Afraid of grammatical errors, wrong usage of words, lack of ideas, ideas sounding a little too mundane, failing to engage my readers, etc. But on the safe side, I think I have quite an immense vocabulary (or is it just me feeling that o.O , but seriously though, I have and still am enthusiastic when it comes to satisfying my my desperation for a more vast vocabulary, all for the sake of writing! mainly to avoid cliches, I hate cliches.. yucks!). Moreover, considering the fact that my mother-tongue is English, it would truly be a shame if I am not capable of writing something in my own language. Besides, if there's passion already, what more could it take to get adept in something you're ardent about.

 Back to the point, I am now planning on a story that has something to do with reincarnation? Lol idk. But here's how I derived my inspiration, it was through a written article that spoke about a real-life incident which is believed to be a form of reincarnation. To me, not being a Hindu or a Buddhist or affiliated with any other religion alike the aforementioned, reincarnation is something I would regard as mythical (sorry if I sound like an annoying, unbelieving,skeptical douchebag to those out there of the Hindu faith especially). Nevertheless, after having read that very article, I was actually a little drawn to it. And that's obviously just about how I was inspired to write(actually, it's still just a plan) a story on such element. If you're really curious, you can search up the internet for that related article.

 Before I get really hooked in this write up, do note that I haven't come up with a suitable title for the story and names for the characters(like what da nuts, right?). So, yeah, basically, the story has two lead characters, character A and character B. Character A and character B are both sisters but initially and even as the story dives deeper into the middle, the both of them wouldn't for sure know that they're actually sisters, twin sisters! The story starts of with a few chapters on stories that evolve the very two sisters, each of them in their own life story- you get what I mean! As the story develops, the`duo is sort of destined to know the truth. Character B, as she lies on bed due to a mysterious ailment for several weeks, recalls the visions she had each time she drove along Lower Elm Road. Those visions were of an unknown fateful incident that had happened some time ago. Slides of scenes from a tragedy in the past is presented one after the other in her head. She knows not for sure what those visions really mean. What adds more to the mystery is that at intervals, there's also a rather vague date on a calendar on one of the scenes. 24th of April 1954.

  To get a clearer picture as to what the visions are really about, character B wishes she could be at least, for another time be driven along the creepy (or rather crappy) Lower Elm Road as it is that very road that floods her head , rather abruptly, with those scenes of tragedy from the past. Unfortunately, she is so ill, she is compelled under circumstances to not be able to drive along Lower Elm Road -forever. Character B, knowing her fate, solemnly tells the not-so-very-faithful character A about her visions. Character A, is absolutely skeptical about it all. Character B, strongly believing that there's something behind those visions, urges Character A to embark on (journey) to find the truth, the message behind character B's uncanny visions. It is character B's last wish(sobs). Character A, owing much to character B's good deed some time ago(which was the point the both of them came to know each other, and became best-friends), feels obliged to fulfill her besties last wish. Thus, ensues the best and most interesting part of the story.....focusing on Character A finding the truth.

 Pretty interesting, huh? How about staying updated about my progress on this story, what do ya say? Thanks! ciaow!


 The following were the stock images I managed to come up with for the story's two protagonists;
June (character A)

Gwyneth (character B)

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