Bits and pieces of my life
Unexpected rainbows

unexpected rainbows come to me
as i lift my head from my stupor
and look over at the spider
in the corner of my room
spinning a web of gossamer threads
my heart soars as i see him toil
i imagine how time slips by for him
but it matters not, caught as he is
in the moment for its own sake
blithely, he stops, as if to look at me
and continues without as much as a
“by your leave sir”
or at least, that is what i imagine

i resume my reading, transported once more
i am immersed within the pages
a willing participant, yet so much more
i feel, i see, i experience as words fly
from the parchment beneath my fingers
i am trapped by the beauty from the author
i see the colours in my mind’s eye
as i try to capture them in my hands
but they leak out and i must share them
with the next one

i see it now
as i dream of my own words on the paper
before me
perfectly white
glistening like winter’s first snow
on a grey morning early in december
unlike me
it is unblemished
unspoiled by time and experience
as i watch the paper
i can see the words forming
cascading from my mind
caught on the page forever
yet jubilant

imagination captured in mere words
i think not

filling my head with God’s wonder
unexpected rainbows

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