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  Well, I must first say that I'm pretty surprised about my KDK/KDT for the recent Mid-year Test. But just before I delve deeper into this, just a reminder, just don't get me wrong. I don't mean to brag in any ways about my results as I believe it needs a ton more of effort and strife as my results have set me way back and not any close to my goal, my dream results. In spite of that, looking at the other side of the story, I do feel my results are a manifestation of my diligence and time spent on not just flipping through books, but getting hooked in it for like hours per subject, sometimes per chapter. Also, I consider mediocre results to be a part of one's bragging rights. I mean, especially having consider the fact that I've never enrolled myself in any tuition centres, at least for now. Yes, indeed it was by prayers and toil :) But still, I can't afford to be complacent on what I've achieved as there's an inevitable guarantee of higher stakes as months pass by. I just can't imagine the whole roundup of everything in the syllabus!

not exactly something to brag about act..

 Leaving the pantheon of exams, I now enter the realm of my current happenings. To begin with, it was announced that my school was chosen to send 40 students to participate in one of the many performances on Merdeka Day in Stadium Merdeka! How great is that! The excitement doesn't just end there for me. The form of participation was only open to Form 4's and I just happened to be in Form 4 this year. Plus, I would not have to attend lessons in class for like two months straight! Not sure if that is good news or bad news. Nevertheless, the fact that I've been studying all by own for these past 6 years or something, I am not anyhow estranged to having have to do this. But still, missing all too many lessons all throughout the month of July and August, months in which I'll be introduced to a considerable number of tough chapters- the stakes are high. The good news is that every participant is promised a national-level certificate, which I believe would be of use when applying for scholarships I desire so much. But that would also mean all too many practices in marching and..acting out a script.

Among the other participants during latihan kawad: Me on the far bottom-right...

  The ridiculous part, 32 days of practice for a mere 3 minutes of performance on the formal occasion on the 31st of August in Stadium Merdeka. Great. Oh and did I forget to mention my concern for my skin color? well, who wouldn't be concerned about this unavoidable reality we would have to accept if we're gonna participate in marching and stuffs. Moreover, I would have to forgo or worse, sit for my Ujian setara 2 without any decent preparation. In addition, I wouldn't want to be of tanned skin-tone on my sister's wedding day, I mean I'm the flower girl and I've got to look attractive or something I guess?. To sum everything up, there's actually a considerable amount of things to consider and evaluate about this Merdeka thingy. I would say that the driving force for me to be relentless about participating in this huge event is that I would gain experience and learn to integrate and network with other students and of course, the valuable certificate! Also, I consider this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It all just happened in my convenience. Well, sort of it.

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