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  It's been eons since the last I posted on this blog. We all know that exams and other jumbling things would come by our way and somewhat deter us from executing our interests, etc. Such was in my case. Exams granted me no clemency to spare even a fraction of time for things in my realm of interests. Ok, I'm  not going to talk about exams in retrospect and yadayadayada like how I always do. It has become something so quotidian to me, and to my readers too, I believe. Well, over the course of my absence from the blogging world, I can say that my days were very eventful. I attended my sister's wedding(in which almost everything I experienced was my first time), attended my sister's graduation(also my first time, believe it or not), took part in a one-month Merdeka Day practice and finally attending and participating in the Merdeka Day celebration at Dataran Merdeka. What's more is that all this eventful happenings happened when I was in the midst of preparing myself for my final exam and what more, experiencing one of the most terrible exam fever over the course of my schooling years.

  Looking back, I wonder how I managed to juggle all the medley over a period of two months. Behind the heightened tensions I faced in keeping up with revisions and studies, I wouldn't deny that I did make time for some fun to indulge in (not debauchery, like what the heck were you thinking). Not just any fun, but the fun things I would always relish on especially during the exam season, such as reading short stories and lists on Listverse, and even looking up the net for some inspirations on web designing. Not to mention, I've gained so much of experience from the events that took place within the two months, seeing to the fact that almost everything I experienced in the aforementioned events were my first-time.

  40 students including me, were granted privilege to skip school for a whole month(sounded like news from paradise, initially) due to the Merdeka Day practices. I've been mentioning this 'Merdeka Day practice' thing all along and never really enunciate on what activities the practice comprised of. Well, here's what we had. First and foremost, this Merdeka Day practice(I'll take it as MDP from here) involved students (persembahan padang, to be specific) from over 56 schools from various districts in Selangor in the '57th' logo marking 57 years of independence (segmen logo), a 5-in-1 dance (segmen tarian) which comprised of the Joget(Malay), Bharata Natyam(Indian), Fan Dance(Chinese), Sumazau dance(Kadazan Dusun), and the Ngajat(Iban). The dance segment was probably the best segment as we were given random traditional costumes irrespective of race and not to mention, the dance itself which manifests the cultural diversity in Malaysia. Beside the segmen logo and segmen tarian, there were also segmen wording merdeka, segmen bomba(as they call it), segmen pekerjaan and the final one, segemen heart(also, as they call it). My school however, was not involved in the three segments before the final one.

segmen wording merdeka

segmen heart where we waved the Jalur Gemilang patriotically 

idk what was this but hey the view of Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad is beautiful...oh and the beautiful weather too..

view from the teres grafik kreatif (KL)

loved the teres grafik kreatif perfomance!

 Our first two weeks of practice was at Stadium Matsushita, Shah Alam. We preferred this place of practice over the other three as this place was furthest from our school and we definitely loved the long early morning bus rides! The other three venues where practices were held were Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, SJK(c) Pandamaran, Klang and finally Dataran Merdeka. Oh and I almost forgot, guess what, Upin&Ipin were the hosts!(nothing exciting here, I just had to make it sound like something exciting as it appears that those two helium-infused-voiced baldies have so many local fans, sarcasm intended) be continued..

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