Bits and pieces of my life
When they overshadow me..

 Well, to begin with, I just can't get over with exams. The thought about this ever-(app. adjective) thing just keep besieging my thoughts . Pardon me for being too pedantic a person on exams. My mind IS literally very much absorbed in this hodgepodge-ed cauldron of prospects and everything exam. This cauldron becomes a freakish bubbly broth when results are out-when results manifest the futility of my efforts, to be exact. The cauldron overflows like a molten lava when I become the black sheep among my common competitors. I am then plunged into a world of darkness and sunken into oblivion I abhor so much. Sleepless nights ensue .

  Even if I did close my eyes in slumber, I would awaken to some enigmas that at times defy explanation. For instance, lately, I've been awakened to random Add. Math questions and many more baffling situations such as me being in an exam hall answering random IQ questions. I've been experiencing this phenomenon for like over three nights already. I've been very disturbed by the fact that I'm not keeping in par with my brilliant peers. Gone were those glory days of mine where I would thrive victoriously in the pantheon of exams.

  I'm especially frustrated by the verity that my out-beaters are tuition-going ones (and also by how seemingly effortless and nonchalant they are). I've always held on to my unorthodox perspective that with tireless effort, IT IS possible for one to attain good grades without having have to attend tuition classes. Now that I'm being sort of 'vanquished' constantly, I'm starting to waver and quiver from that notion I hung on to so long. Still though, I am a little faithful to that belief of mine. Maybe it was me, not my belief. Maybe it was me, my fault all the while for having procrastinated so much. I also have to admit that, I have been belittling and underestimating a few of my peers ...and the exam questions too. How foolish and silly I've been. But I can tell you though, that I wasn't snobbish and conceited. I would offer help in studies to anyone who would come to me for that purpose.

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