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Lineart and Paint Tool SAI

 I've been drawn to some good linearts lately after having stumbled across a couple of em' on Deviantart. I've had this illustrating software, Easy Paint Tool SAI (portable version) for like two years already and have eversince been wondering on how to create neat linearts. I then relinquished with the notion that it is only possible to create perfect linearts with drawing tablets. I was wrong. With hope springing perpetually in my heart, I discovered a way to draw rather effortlessly with my laptop & computer mouse. It is that simple. With the vector/linework layer in Easy Paint Tool SAI, one who has always been envying drawing tablets would start having second thoughts about purchasing that gizmo. Such was in my case when I finally discovered the 'panacea' to my 'ailment'.



  I apologize, however, for having lost the link/website in which I downloaded the free portable version of SAI :( . Two years back I never thought this software would be of much help when it comes to digital drawing. I just downloaded it because it looked rather appealing to me. I was so 'meh' about it at that time.

  I did consider Adobe Illustrator for linearts as I saw there were plenty of tutorials for it on the net. The version I have is CS3(apologies, I don't have the link to download the free version of this either).But trust me, Adobe Illustrator is sooo not for beginners. I've had the aforementioned software for approx. an annum already but still couldn't associate myself with the Illustrator's tools,etc.

  I'm so excited about this newfound thing :) Gonna experiment with le colors and more soon!

p/s: IDK how I got ze download links for le free softwares..those links are sadly not to be found on the internet anymore :(

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