Bits and pieces of my life
A promenade through Utopia

  At the hush of dawn, I was up on bed. As I drew the velvet drapings apart, I fell into an elated bliss as the faint beacon of light entrapped me in what felt like an intangible sphere of ecstasy. Just then, the familiar chirps and whistles of the morning birds played like a beautiful melody in my ears, hence piercing the tranquil silence I was momentarily in. I woke up from my brief slumber feeling rejuvenated to begin a new day in which the Sun, rising ever so majestically above the horizon, heralded. I then truged back upstairs in response to the call of prayer in which I faithfully and sincerely obliged in fulfilling before the throngs of daily routine came jostling in.

  After having confined myself in the quiet of my room, I descended back downstairs and walked myself to the kitchen to brew a cup of warm Chamomile tea, a beverage that suffices for me more than one's average breakfast portion would do. As I sipped my warm cup of tea, I pondered on how and what the sequence of events of my day would be like. Most assuredly, I hoped for the best. I reveled once more in the serenity of my domain illuminated by sunlight. Shortly after some considerable time spent on contemplation, I set forth to wander beyond the threshold of my haven.

  As I stepped into the realm of my garden, I was greeted by a gentle zephyr which ruffled my hair quite a bit. The firmaments, scarce with its complementary clouds, was almost a bluebird. Walking through the trellis of my garden felt like as though I was walking beneath an archway of twirling tendrils. Continuing my detour downhill, I was further greeted by warm smiles from immediate and distant neighbors as well as strangers unbeknownst to me. Euphoria got the whole of me. Trees on the sides of the road downhill welcomed me one after the other with birds perched on their extended twigs likened to arms of cordial welcome. The foliage of the trees cast beautiful silhouettes on my path under the beaming Sun rays. The sky was a total bluebird at this time of the day.

  Walking my way to the pastureland of my vicinity, my eyes feasted on the sheer swaying of the pastures and stalks in the wind as they made me reminisce on my favorite childhood moments spent in a vast prairie at my hometown. The sky at this point was like a slideshow of cascading clouds as they came into view one after the other. I lied on the green pastures to partake in the breathtaking view of the firmaments. I then closed my eyes and fell into a brief slumber once again.

  As time elapsed, I eventually woke up to a darkening sky. It was dusk. Clusters of stars begin to become more apparent and visible in the dark canvas of the sky. Gradually, there was more emphasis given to the luminescence of the stars sprinkled across the vast night sky. The celestial splendor of the night sky was at it's acme. I was overcome by exhilaration. While reveling in the euphoric scene before me, I suddenly took notice of the tender dwellings of the fireflies nearby. They added much to the grandeur of that blissful night. Then came the moon, beaming with white light that lit my route back home.

Such was my promenade through the idyllic Utopia.

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