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The dilemmas of being in a bus ride
   Travelling to and fro school on almost a daily basis have landed me on some wacky albeit mundane dilemmas. The following are probably relatable if you've ever boarded a public bus before.
  • Fearing that a more-in-need-of-a-seat person might come by when there's no seat left.
 This is probably one of the hardest dilemma I would probably have to deal with as long as I don't have a car of my own. I mean, you're so cosy and tucked in your seat and you definitely don't wanna be one of the few standing or be standing among other standers. Frankly speaking, I'm that person who's always secretly wishing for some good samaritan to offer up his or her seat so I don't have to do so. 
  • Standing
 Standing in bus is not quite a problem to me unless on days when my schoolbag weigh tons! Also, standing can be really tiresome(and can literally get in one's nerves) when you don't get a damn seat all throughout the journey en route to school or home. I mean have you ever come across this very likely phenomenon in which you're standing all along and sooner or later a random person boards the bus and seconds later that person gets a seat while you're watching from behind like;

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Then imagine yourself in that very same situation, exacerbated with a plethora of humans like that of a sardine can(cliche I know, but that's exactly how it feels like in an overcrowded bus).

Having faced those detestable things about standing, my system have naturally generated a paranoia of having have to stand. Needless to say, I'm already like worrying about whether or not the bus-to-arrive is empty when I'm at bus stands. You can't imagine the overwhelming feeling of elated bliss I get when I board a bus to find a seat available for me. be updated with more points...

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