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The [grave] importance of backups

   Have you ever came across a dire situation in which you need a document you've saved before so badly but have at one point deleted it or for some reasons, the file goes corrupted and is irretrievable? If you've never came across such tragic scenario, then imagine... imagine you're needing an important file/document beyond words, beyond time and creation, and beyond..anything else and the file is no where to be found. You're beyond desperate and you type in the name of the god-forsaken file into the searchbar and a message that goes like 'no items match your search' pops out in front of you. You perspire profusely and your heart throbs so vigorously. With hope still springing in your heart, you search for alternatives on retrieving the file/document... but to no avail...

  I'll leave it to you to do the rest of the imagining. Having been in this nightmarish quandary myself, I've bore the brunt of not having backups for my important files. Just a few days back, I was happily working on my Additional Mathematics project folio when things suddenly went awry right at the eleventh hour. Just as I had done the finishing touch-ups on my folio, I clicked 'Save' and that was when the unexpected happened, the whole MS Word thingy crashed and to make things worse, AutoSave was not on and there was NO ANY SORT OF BACKUP. I literally burst into tears and howled the whole night over it. I even chose to skip school the following day because guess what, the next day was the DEADLINE. Yeah, so I basically carried out my project work at the very last minute besides not having any backups for it. I'm such a douchebag, I know.

   If the above mishap was not terrifying enough for you, I don't know what would be. That was not the first time I was a douchebag (sorry for the profanity, if, at all any of you here is feeling uncomfortable about it). I am and always have been a douchebag. Last year, during the one-and-a-half-month of school holidays, I as usual, pursued what I always found sheer joy in, coding blogger layouts and stuffs. You guessed it, I didn't have any backup for my codes and poof! the the whole hand-coded layout done painstakingly and patiently for hours just vanished without a single remnant to relish on in just seconds.

  Learning my lesson after two dreadful incidents, I vowed to never ever repeat the same mistake again(but again, being a certified douchebag, I don't know if I can live up to this). After the awful unnecessarily long rant of mine, here comes the beneficial part(or maybe not).

If you don't want to ever come across the nightmare I faced (who am I kidding, which sane person would want to risk going through that hell), then here are a few options for Cloud Storage.

  •  Google Drive (15 GB)
  • Dropbox (2 GB)
  • Microsoft Onedrive (15 GB)
Oh and by the way, I thank God that I got the first place in my class and in the whole of my form, obtained straight A's and got an A+ for Additional Mathematics (Grades obtained; 3A+, 4A's and 2A-).


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