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Shower Thoughts : A series
 So I've been thinking of working on a series called Shower Thoughts to convey my musings and ideas in a more interesting way, that is through placing myself in random situations and interacting with the persons around me. I thought this is the best way to make known what really goes on in my mind if I'm faced with a so-and-so situation since I'm a coward with outsiders but a real chatterbox in my own comfort zone. I've also always wished to speak my mind and heart out in certain situations that have very too often suppressed me and thought this might be an ideal way of expressing myself freely and to indirectly knock some sense into targeted(and obnoxious) people. 

The following are(most probably) my upcoming first few Shower Thoughts;

  • Shower Thoughts #1: Something called the Halo Effect
  • Shower Thoughts #2: Authoritarianism, a poppycock thing

Do stay updated if you're ever interested in this series. I'm off to my books now.

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