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The best part about life after SPM
  Well to begin with, life after SPM is not all that fun for me. No friends to chat or hangout with, no smartphone to fiddle with all those cool apps, no family trips, no relatives to visit, and no extra cash to buy cool stuffs. Simply, the best part about life after SPM for me is that I finally get to relax and go along with day-to-day activities in my own pace. I get to sleep for hours, indulge in my fantasy dreams, laze around, seat back and ponder on random things. These may sound boring but not having been able to carry out these simple joys for the past oh-so-many months, I feel so liberated to finally be able to do just those simple things.

Also, to finally have the freedom to carry out my interests like coding. Having spent my past few months on books, books, books 24/7,  I kind of lost touch in coding and that saddened me quite a bit. Now that I have so much of time in my hands, I can choose to utilize a big portion of it doing what I love. Oh and not to mention, experimenting with new codes and getting better at coding each time, that's the most intriguing thing. I feel closer to achieving my goals each time I attempt coding. Coding is simply a beautiful coordinated getaway from all the stresses in my life that continue to weigh me down even till this day, even on becoming a school-leaver and maybe a more matured teen.

So yeah, that's my part on why life after SPM is actually a great thing, outweighing the boredom this long-awaited period of time might occasionaly bring about.

What are your views on life after SPM and what are you doing, SPM leavers? Do link your posts in my CBox :)

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