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Have you ever experienced this at times when you want to be productive and finally get doing something you like but you wouldn't begin it any soon due to over-excitement?

I experience this all the time, just when I think I'm going to conquer the day by acquiring valuable assets and making myself useful by equipping myself with some knowledge (I love reading non-fiction btw, so) or whatever.

Enough of my blabber, like, I mean just look at this..

I have this whole haven of ebooks on the fundamentals of web development. I was so sure of becoming a web developer someday that at one point, coupled with overwhelming excitement I decided to delve into the deeper depths of the internet to try and attain some ebooks on the subject. Since I'm like a pheasant when it comes to money (sorry God, but that's just the way I feel huhu T_T), I decided to try my luck and google for free ebooks. And pretty much to my surprise, I didn't stumble upon a mere two or three as expected but way more than I thought and the best part, it was ALL FREE. Yeah and I'm referring to those books in the screenshot above, not some crappy tech ebook, well at least that was what I had in mind before stumbling across those babies above.

I mean these are like quality-overloaded books by renowned publishers like O'Reilly and McGraw Hill. I have no idea how they got distributed freely in the internet. I don't want to get thinking about copyright issues and piracy, damn.

I must admit though, with the rapid growth of the tech-world, some of the ebooks I have are sadly outdated but nevertheless, good enough for anyone wanting to learn just the basics. But seriously though, why wouldn't anyone want to read a more recent version of these books to top up all the extra knowledge there and there as needed? 

Click here to download  the whole collection. You're welcome.

So back to the point, I am very intrigued about coding and just the thought of it excites the neurons within me (if that wasn't a saying then now it is). Every time I finally get myself to read some articles or books on coding  and get my hands coding, I would click a plethora of new tabs only to stare at my boring homepage before exiting it and returning back to the article/ebook I was in only to repeat the whole process. It's really peevish especially when this feeling goes overboard and get in your way to delay progress or whatsoever. It's like you have this goal to meet by the end of the day but no matter how hard you try, you just can't make it.

CSS and everything about it is simply intriguing to me. I must agree with Stu Nicholls on his view about CSS;

"....Whilst I agree that it is a mechanism for adding style to web documents, I do not agree that it is a simple mechanism. It can be very complicated, as I found out when I took my first steps down this path."

I think I'm a bit tired now of all the excitement I had in the past few hours (no typo there) writing this blog post. I think I'm also deviating a little from the main topic. I have to write an exclusive blog post for this deviation I was into a while ago.

Until then, adios :)

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