Bits and pieces of my life
Thank You, Lord.

  Dear God, I just want to take this moment to thank You for all those wonderful blessings in my life I have so often overlooked. I'm sorry Lord, for I only knew how to fret and frown upon all the 'misfortunes' in my life when it was all just results of the bad choices I've made along the way. Though not being worthy of the bountiful blessings You have bestowed upon me, You have nevertheless showed me grace and it's that saving grace that have restored all sense of self-esteem within me. My God, I thank You Lord, for You've been my teacher, my guide, my everything. I thank You O Lord, for making me mentally apt to tackle subjects in school on my own. I thank You Lord for this is especially beneficial for people like me who are not all that financially well-off. Thank You Father, for the resourceful reference books You helped me invest in to ace my exams. I thank You Lord, for with just a little money poured in those books You thought me to invest in, I was equipped with such amount of knowledge, enough to outdo the majority of my school peers. I often dismissed all the praises the teacher's would give me as I thought anyone with a passion would be able to do it. In hindsight, I should have not dismissed those accolades as a whole but at least revel in a bit of it and give glory to God. Because, come to think about it, I really wouldn't have been able to do it all on my own. I definitely owed God a lot of gratitude. Besides, not every student with a passion would be able to get through without the right motivation and resources. Having grown up in quite a broken family, broken in terms of family-bond and literally broken in terms of money, life's not been that easy on me. Sometimes I lacked motivation, which, in my perspective meant that; 

No motivation = no drive = no momentum= no grit = no success

As a result, whenever a situation came up where I had to force myself into being a depressed lass(that was my way of escaping reality) and hence abondon any form of motivation I clung on to, I would ditch the idea of success and achievement as a whole. I was this crazy kid who would rather be soaked in her own tears of fear all day than brace herself through an extremely low hurdle, you get the picture.

But God was definitely not approving of this kiddo who was extremely emotional over sometimes, trivial things.

Seeing this kid be the helpless girl she is, God decided to be her guide, like her sensei or something for the most part of life.

..and here she is with her long-awaited results for the SPM 2015 examination..
7A+ & 2A  :)

Three words, two seconds, one moment..

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